Search engine. Put a keyword in the space provided, click on Search, and the relevant policies will appear on your screen. You can also search through an A-Z list of policies, a list of keywords, or a Quick Links tab.
Policy summaries. To help you figure out whether the policy you're looking at is the one you want, a one-paragraph description highlights its main points.
Individualized help. If you've searched and still can't find policy information, email and a member of the Controller's Office staff will try to find it for you.
Subscription service. If you want to know whenever a particular policy changes, sign up for Bear Alert, a free email subscription service.
The Controller's Office worked with Joyce Putnam and Eddie Kwong in the Budget and Finance Information Technology (BFIT) unit to upgrade the site. The web pages are dynamically generated from an SQL server database that contains all the information for each policy. The search function uses both a keyword index and the SQL server's full-text search option. Changes to policies or their URLs are made in real time, allowing instantaneous fixes of textual inaccuracies and dead links. New policies appear on the site as soon as they are added (although it takes a day to search for them by keyword).

The Controller's Office contracted with GovDocs, Inc., for the Bear Alert subscription service. Although many local governments and federal agencies use GovDocs, UC Berkeley is the first university to do so. By clicking on the Bear Alert icon, potential subscribers can ask to be notified about changes to an array of policies divided by applicability to faculty, staff, students, alumni, affiliates, or the general campus community. Subscribers can sign up for individual policies or for entire categories of policies.

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